Our Story

Irresistibly better baking.

Why did you open a cookie store? I get this question all the time. Some people think it was a dream of mine, others think I have lost my mind. I guess its a little of both. There is something so pure about baking, so wholesome and authentic. Real ingredients, real flavors, real fun. For me, cookies & cakes aren't just desserts, it’s a state-of-mind, a time of day, a treat, a celebration, a thrill. I love what I do, I love to bake. 
My Story...
Life is full of sweet surprises. Years ago, I never imagined that I’d hang up my pharmacist’s coat for a baker’s apron, but in August of 2012, I did just that. Baking cookies and cakes had always been a relaxing hobby of mine, but after twenty-five years in the pharmaceutical industry, I decided I needed a change of scenery, walked into the kitchen, and never walked back out! After selling baked goods online for two years, I opened a storefront in Dalton, GA. Since 2014, I’ve been happily serving customers online and in person through Mama Wilson’s Homemade Cookies and Cakes. Three years down the road, and my team and I are still passionate about baking and bringing a touch of home-made sweetness to people’s lives. 
The Mission...
I strive to create incredible homemade cookies and cakes that taste as good as they look. I can also mix and match unusual combinations and put my baked goods into fun packaging so that every treat ordered meets your highest dessert expectations. 

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